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Daniel Berry Baxter: Military Hero

DOB: 5 Mar 1816 in Janius, NY

PARENTS: Benjamin Baxter and Rachel Partridge Baxter

MARRIED: (1st) Mary Utley 1838-1841 (divorced)

MARRIED: (2nd) Julia A. Fairbank, 1849.

Occupation at death: Farmer

DOD: 31 Jul 1906 at Soldiers and Sailors Home, Bath, NY

BURIED: Wells Cemetery, in Little Genesee, NY (just outside Bolivar). Lot 11 #2

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Daniel Berry BaxterDaniel was my mother’s great-great grandfather. We’re related to Daniel through his son,  DeForest Abbott Baxter.

Much of this information was from his obituary. The rest was on file in the Bolivar-Richburg Library (Bolivar, NY)



—enlisted in Navy May 1832…served on the Man-of-War POTOMAC

—after discharge enlisted in USArmy in Mexican War, Co. A, 1st Miss. Rifles under Col. Frederick Davis


—enlisted 20 June 1861 private Co I, 27th NY infantry

—gunshot wound to L hand (lost little finger)

—discharged 19 March 1863

—reenlisted 29 Feb 1864 Co. A, 50th NY Engineers

—honorable discharge 13 June 1865


NATIONAL ARCHIVES: soldiers’ cert: 131067 Can:2399 Bundle: 26

Report from the RECORDS and PENSION OFFICE to the Commissioner of Pensions: 23 Jan 1894: “Daniel B. Baxter, Co. I, 27th Regt NY Inf. was enrolled Sept 20, 1861, and discharged Mar 19, 1863 on SCD. Again enr in Co. D, NY Engs Feb 29, 64 and MO [mustered out] June 13, 65. From enr. to dis. he held the rank of Pvt from enr 1864 to NW Pvt and during that period the rolls show him present except as follows: Feb 28, 63 sick in hosp Balt Md save to discharge. The medical records show him treated as follows: as David B. Baxter, Priv Co. I, 27 NY vols Jan 2-8, 63 GS [gunshot] wound, left hand; as Danl B. Baxter, Priv Co. A, Jan 9 to Mar 20, 63, vulnus sclopet, discharged from service Mar 20, 63. Nothing additional found.

Joined G.A.R. post 247 in Bolivar, NY 19 Nov 1888


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Gravestone: Polly Orvis Mix

Today’s post is the followup to my post on May 9, 2013 which featured Elisha Mix’s gravestone.

Elisha married Polly Orvis, but I have NO information about when or where, nor do I have even a birth or death date for Polly. Elisha lived 1779-1858, so that would be about the same range of Polly’s life I suppose. I did discover that they had at least 2 children: a girl, Arte Mesia Mix, born in 1805 and a boy, Elisha Mix, born in 1810.

I have no other information about this couple at all except that they are buried side by side in the East Sharon Cemetery near Shinglehouse, PA, in Potter County.

Gravestone of Polly Orvis Mix. East Sharon Cemetery near Shonglehouse (Potter County), PA Dayton D. Mix photo

Gravestone of Polly Orvis Mix. East Sharon Cemetery near Shonglehouse (Potter County), PA
Dayton D. Mix photo




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Hollywood Star: Tom Mix

In the beginning of motion pictures there was a cowboy/hero/star that made hundreds of movies, both silent and “talkies.” This movie star, TOM MIX, is actually a relative of mine…

W A Y   B A C K ! ! !related

I grew up hearing that we were related to Tom, but no one ever really knew how. My grandfather simply said “Yeah, we’re related, but not close enough to help me, nor to hurt Tom!”

When I was appointed pastor of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in DuBois, PA, during one of the final Tom Mix Festivals, was able to trace my Tom’s lineage backward until it intersected with my own line. That’s when I created the chart at the right here.

A parishioner later showed me a picture that had been handed down in her family of Tom and his parents: Edwin Elias Mix and Elizabeth (Hiestand) Mix.

Tom was born in 1880 (6 January) and he looks like he’s in his thirties or forties in this shot. His parents died in

Tom Mix and his parents Elizabeth and Ed.

Tom Mix and his parents Elizabeth and Ed.

1927 (Ed, 29 Nov) and 1937 (Elizabeth, 25 July), so my guess is that this picture was probably in the early 1920’s.

Tom had been born in a little hollow of Mix Run, not far away from the small town of Driftwood, PA, in Cameron County. While still a child the family moved to DuBois where Ed worked as a servant for John E. DuBois.


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Gravestone: Elisha Mix

STONE Elisha MixGRAVESTONE: Elisha Mix


This gravestone belongs to Elisha Mix, brother to my great-great-great-great grandfather Theophilus Mix, Jr..


Elisha was elected circa 1835 as a member of the very first set of county commissioners for Potter County, PA. His signature is on file at the Potter County Courthouse on the very first will submitted and housed at the courthouse (Will # 0001).

Gravestone Inscription:



June 25, 1858

79 years 4 mos (and) 17 days”

Known as “Captain Mix,” Elisha had served in the War of 1812. He was a lumberman by trade and one of the very earliest settlers in what is now the Shinglehouse area in Potter County.

DATE OF BIRTH: 8 February 1779 in Vermont

MARRIED: Polly Orvis

DIED: 25 June 1858

BURIED: East Sharon Cemetery, Sharon Township (outside Shinglehouse), Potter County, PA

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Crit and fish

crit & fishPHOTO: Crit after fishing

Today’s tidbit is an old picture from my wife’s family.
The writing on the back of this picture says:
“Mr. (and) Mrs. C.T. Whittemore from Mr. (and) Mrs. J.A. Winsor those fish weighed 30 lbs. apiece”
Christopher Whittemore, my wife’s great-great grandfather, was born 31 March 1844 and lived in Eldred (McKean County), PA at the time of this picture. Known as “Crit” by most folks, he married Josephine Duryea. At this point, I do not know which one was Crit, nor who the others are. I believe one of the ladies is Jo. (I do have other pictures of them where they are identified, but they are much older than here.)
BY THE WAY, I don’t know that they were IN Eldred when they caught these fish!

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Co. K, 207th PA Regt.

I stumbled upon an absolutely WONDERFUL website with information and archives from Tioga County, PA, and the surrounding areas:

On it, I also discovered Andrew J. Duryea, an ancestor of my wife’s! What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon his name in the summary of Company K of the 207th Regiment. Here is the pertinent section as posted at


Officers. – Captain, John J. Reese. First lieutenant, John Karr. Second lieutenants: Thomas D. Elliott, W. L. Reese. Sergeants: Daniel A. Evans, Samuel A. Mark, Edson D. Mitchell. Corporals: Michael C. Campbell, Elijah S. Kelsey.

Privates. – Daniel H. Brown, James H. Bellinger, Thomas Brainard, Simon Bacon, James H. Backus, Martin Bennett, Richard A. Brown, John M. Blackwell, William V. Borden, Frederick Campbell, Amos Campbell, Henry U. Cady, John Cole, Edwin Campbell, Thomas Crittenden, Luther S. Collins, Peter Champaign, James Carpenter, Chauncey F. Dartt, Charles L. Diminick, Lewis Deumaux, Jesse B. Doane, Hiram G. Davis, Reuben Dyke, John E. Dibble, Andrew J. Duryea, Darius L. Deane, James E. English, Richard W. Eliston, Samuel D. Evans, Edward English, Charles V. Goodwin, W. H. Harrison, Charles Houghton, Lyman Jaquish, Linas S. Jennings, Orlando Jones, David E. Johnson, Robert Kelsey, Charles E. Kelsey, Hiram Klock, Benjamin F. Kelsey, Lewis Kohler, Clarence Lloyd, Frederic J. Moyer, Eli Moyer, Thomas Morris, Joseph Morseman, James H. Morrison, Delos V. Miller, John Mosier, George McConnell, Elisha McCartny, Edward Osborn, Nathan Palmer, George M. Potts, James L. Plumley, Joshua S. Phenix, George E. Putman, William Putman, Arnine Reese, James L. Reese, Charles Stephens, Charles B. Sofield, Robert Satterly, John H. Schoonover, Samuel D. Satterly, Charles H. Strait, Alfred Schiefflein, Abram M. Sherman, John Snyder, Story Starkweather, George M. Tabor, Stephen J. Thomas, Charles Vanton, Benjamin C. Vanhorn, D. P. Whitehead, John Willard, Roswell Webster, Calvin West, Robert J. Wilson, Harley H. Webster, George P. Wilson, Elijah Warren, Asaph Wilkinson, Kenley Wilson.

The 207th regiment was chiefly composed of soldiers whose homes were in Tioga, Bradford and Lycoming counties. Companies A, D, H and K and parts of B, E and G were recruited in Tioga county. Company C was recruited in Clinton County, F in Cumberland and Franklin, I in Lycoming, and parts of B, E and G in Bradford, York and Lancaster. 

The regiment was organized at Camp Curtain, Harrisburg, September 8th 1864, with Robert C. Cox, of Tioga county, colonel; W. W. Snoddy lieutenant-colonel, and Victor A. Elliott, of Tioga, major; and on the 12th of September it started on the front. It did distinguished service, particularly in the closing scenes in and around Petersburg and Richmond. 


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Grandma Beryl

Fifteen years ago today, my wife’s grandmother, Beryl Whittemore Howell Perez, died. Two days later I had the honor of officiating for her funeral.

Beryl ~20

BORN:  12 Mar 1912 in Eldred, PA (McKean County)

DIED: 4 May 1998 in Bradford, PA  (McKean County)

FATHER: Harry Orman Whittemore (1888-1952)

MOTHER: Mabel Evelyn Bennett (1888-1953)

MARRIED: Twice: (1) 12 Jan 1934 to Clifton E. Howell (1912-1967)

(2) 23 Jun 1973 to Gusto Perez (died 1986)


Grandma Beryl was spunky and witty. Her mind was sharp and she was nigh unto unbeatable in Scrabble. When my wife and I announced our engagement, she sent me a card that showed a small dog on the front with these words: “When I heard the news I was so excited…” The message continued on the inside of the card: “I piddled.”

Grandma Beryl called a spade a spade, and usually had a clever word or phrase to share. 

She wasn’t a super-religious Christian, doing churchy stuff all the time nor being preachy with others. Yet she had a faith that caught me short a few times. More than once I was sharing something I thought was profound, of a spiritual nature, and she, with one well worded question, made me rethink the very point I had tried to share. She was sharp!

Rest in peace Beryl!

beryl obit



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