Co. K, 207th PA Regt.

06 May

I stumbled upon an absolutely WONDERFUL website with information and archives from Tioga County, PA, and the surrounding areas:

On it, I also discovered Andrew J. Duryea, an ancestor of my wife’s! What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon his name in the summary of Company K of the 207th Regiment. Here is the pertinent section as posted at


Officers. – Captain, John J. Reese. First lieutenant, John Karr. Second lieutenants: Thomas D. Elliott, W. L. Reese. Sergeants: Daniel A. Evans, Samuel A. Mark, Edson D. Mitchell. Corporals: Michael C. Campbell, Elijah S. Kelsey.

Privates. – Daniel H. Brown, James H. Bellinger, Thomas Brainard, Simon Bacon, James H. Backus, Martin Bennett, Richard A. Brown, John M. Blackwell, William V. Borden, Frederick Campbell, Amos Campbell, Henry U. Cady, John Cole, Edwin Campbell, Thomas Crittenden, Luther S. Collins, Peter Champaign, James Carpenter, Chauncey F. Dartt, Charles L. Diminick, Lewis Deumaux, Jesse B. Doane, Hiram G. Davis, Reuben Dyke, John E. Dibble, Andrew J. Duryea, Darius L. Deane, James E. English, Richard W. Eliston, Samuel D. Evans, Edward English, Charles V. Goodwin, W. H. Harrison, Charles Houghton, Lyman Jaquish, Linas S. Jennings, Orlando Jones, David E. Johnson, Robert Kelsey, Charles E. Kelsey, Hiram Klock, Benjamin F. Kelsey, Lewis Kohler, Clarence Lloyd, Frederic J. Moyer, Eli Moyer, Thomas Morris, Joseph Morseman, James H. Morrison, Delos V. Miller, John Mosier, George McConnell, Elisha McCartny, Edward Osborn, Nathan Palmer, George M. Potts, James L. Plumley, Joshua S. Phenix, George E. Putman, William Putman, Arnine Reese, James L. Reese, Charles Stephens, Charles B. Sofield, Robert Satterly, John H. Schoonover, Samuel D. Satterly, Charles H. Strait, Alfred Schiefflein, Abram M. Sherman, John Snyder, Story Starkweather, George M. Tabor, Stephen J. Thomas, Charles Vanton, Benjamin C. Vanhorn, D. P. Whitehead, John Willard, Roswell Webster, Calvin West, Robert J. Wilson, Harley H. Webster, George P. Wilson, Elijah Warren, Asaph Wilkinson, Kenley Wilson.

The 207th regiment was chiefly composed of soldiers whose homes were in Tioga, Bradford and Lycoming counties. Companies A, D, H and K and parts of B, E and G were recruited in Tioga county. Company C was recruited in Clinton County, F in Cumberland and Franklin, I in Lycoming, and parts of B, E and G in Bradford, York and Lancaster. 

The regiment was organized at Camp Curtain, Harrisburg, September 8th 1864, with Robert C. Cox, of Tioga county, colonel; W. W. Snoddy lieutenant-colonel, and Victor A. Elliott, of Tioga, major; and on the 12th of September it started on the front. It did distinguished service, particularly in the closing scenes in and around Petersburg and Richmond. 


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One response to “Co. K, 207th PA Regt.

  1. Jerome Carpenter

    September 6, 2013 at 5:43 am

    PastorD–thanks for posting this. Andrew Duryea is my great grandfather. I have only one photo of the Duryea family, evidently taken after their son, Lyman died, since he’s not present in it. I”d be glad to send it to you if you’ll provide and email address.


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