Gravestone: Elisha Mix

09 May

STONE Elisha MixGRAVESTONE: Elisha Mix


This gravestone belongs to Elisha Mix, brother to my great-great-great-great grandfather Theophilus Mix, Jr..


Elisha was elected circa 1835 as a member of the very first set of county commissioners for Potter County, PA. His signature is on file at the Potter County Courthouse on the very first will submitted and housed at the courthouse (Will # 0001).

Gravestone Inscription:



June 25, 1858

79 years 4 mos (and) 17 days”

Known as “Captain Mix,” Elisha had served in the War of 1812. He was a lumberman by trade and one of the very earliest settlers in what is now the Shinglehouse area in Potter County.

DATE OF BIRTH: 8 February 1779 in Vermont

MARRIED: Polly Orvis

DIED: 25 June 1858

BURIED: East Sharon Cemetery, Sharon Township (outside Shinglehouse), Potter County, PA

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