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Eleanor (Reed) Haynes

Eleanor (Reed) Haynes

PHOTO: Eleanor (Reed) Haynes

Today’s post highlights someone that’s related to me in TWO ways!

My great-great grandfather, William Truman (W.T.) Haynes, had a brother named Benjamin A. Haynes (1844-1927).(Their father was also named Benjamin, by the way.) The woman in this photo was Benjamin’s wife. So she and I would be related by marriage through Benjamin.

HOWEVER, W.T.’s daughter-in-law, [Laura] Vivien (Meacham) Haynes, my paternal grandmother’s mom, was a granddaughter herself of Eleanor’s brother Israel V. Reed. So we’re blood related on that side.

But on neither side is she actually a direct ancestor. Just thought it was interesting in retrospect.

Here are Eleanor’s facts:
Date of birth: 13 May 1845
(So I’m guessing this picture could be after 1900 sometime?)
Date of Death: 1 October 1916.

She and Benjamin had one child of which I am aware: Nora Haynes.

I came into this picture through Nora’s granddaughter Ellie (Elnora Avery) about 8 years ago, when she lived in the same senior living apartment building as my grandmother.

Another interesting tidbit (but only for those who grew up around these people), Ellie’s sister was Glenola, who was next door neighbor of Grandpa and Grandma Mix (ok… a quarter mile down the hollow, but still…) up Blauvelt Hollow!

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Shinglehouse G.A.R. Convention

Today’s artifact is from my mother-in-law’s collection, showing a fair number of folks gathered together in the Shinglehouse area  for an area convention of the Civil War Union veteran’s group: The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). No date is associated with the pic, but based on the ID in the pic of Harry Whittemore (DOB: 24 Oct 1888) my guess is that this was about 1900. That could be off, but is probably pretty close.

If you can identify others in this photo, let me know!



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