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Ancestral Heads of New England: HAYDEN, HAYDON, HEYDON

BK Directory of Ancestral Heads of NE familiesWe’re looking at the Hayden/Haydon/Heydon clans today, sharing what I found in the Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700. I found it at the Carnegie Public Library in Pittsburgh. (Frank R. Holmes, compiler) (Genealogical Publishing Company: 1989). Page after page is filled with alphabetical entries of last names and then, if known, the origin of that name, and the earliest American people in New England with that name.

name origin (any foreign words are italicized)
earliest family members with that name

p. cxiii (113), HAYDEN, HAYDON, HEYDON

“Surname derived from the town of Heyden, Denmark; a place built, made, inclosed or cultivated, from Danish daene, to form, to fashion, to make, to cultivate. In the County of Norfolk, Eng., is the town of Hayden, where Thomas de Heyden was a resident 1221.”

JAMES, freeman, Charlestown, Mass., 1637.

JOHN, son of Gideon H., XVIIth [17th] generation from Sir Thomas de Heyden, came to Boston, Mass., 1630, proprieter Dorchester, Mass., 1632, removed to Braintree, Mass.

WILLIAM, came to Dorchester, Mass., 1630, removed to Hartford, Conn., later, 1637 to Windsor, Conn., in 1666, at Killingworth, Conn., and at Fairfield, Conn., 1662.

=================================Ancestral Heads 113

MIXED GENES NOTE: The dates in William’s entry are not chronological, but they ARE as listed in the printed book. Doublecheck the image of the original page. 



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