BEERS, Bennetts, and Cameron County

22 Aug

About a decade ago I helped research the Bennett family using J.H. Beers & Co.’s 1890 book: History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, Pennsylvania. Here are the references from the Cameron County area. By the way, italics BEERS 1890 Coverare my explanatory notes. 

p. 849              A.D. Bennett alleged as a deserter from the Civil War’s Union “Old Bucktails” Regiment from Cameron County.

p. 900              description of Gibson Township’s geographic features includes Bennett’s Branch of the Sinnemahoning River. A notation reads: “This branch was so named after William Bennett, who first settled at Benezette in 1811, who is said to have broken up his land with milch cows harnessed as oxen.”

p. 915              “Miss Sarah Bennett, whose father kept the hotel where the Shaffer House stands [in Sinnemahoning], presided over the next school in 1844.” Her story includes an account of her making a flag and dealing with a mischievous boy named Joseph Shaffer.



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