1918-1919 Kane Directory

26 Dec

One of the neatest things I discovered a few years back in the Kane, PA library was a series of city directories. At the time I was exploring my wife’s ancestors with the last names of BURROWS, CLARK, DIPPO, HOKE, and HOUSLER. Here are my notes on people with those last names that I discovered in the 1918-1919 Kane Directory.

The asterick (*) was used to denote a person who was absent due to war work. (World War I)

Information appears in this order:

page #, last name, first name, occupation, address

30, Clark, Caroline, emp. Holgate Co., bds 2nd fl’r 47 Fraley

30, *Clark, Chas L., h320 Tionesta

30, Clark, Charles L. (Utica), teamster, h311 Oak

30, Clark, Mrs. Frank, wid, h40 Fraley

There were sections for outlying towns that included some of the family names I was researching as well:

BURROWS DIRECTORY (Sargeant Station on P.R.R.)

199, Burrows, Henry, packer


207, Clark, Leroy, lab


217, Clark, Wm., watchman


There were no entries for Dippo, Hoke, or Housler.


Interested in other years already posted?

I’ll be adding more directory years over the upcoming days and weeks.




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