Haynes Boys

11 Feb

The Haynes Boys

The three gentlemen in this picture are the three sons of William Truman Haynes and his wife, Carrie E. (Cleveland) Hayneshaynes-boys

from left to right is Earl, Willis, and Frank.

  • Franklin L. Haynes DOB: 24 Apr 1877 (a.k.a. “Frank”) 
  • Winfield Willis Haynes DOB: 4 Dec 1880 (a.k.a. “Willis”) 
  • Earl Truman Haynes DOB: 31 Jul 1886  

I am suggesting a date between 1905 and 1910 for 2 reasons: 

(1) Earl looks like he ought to be at least 19 years old, however

(2) Frank died 29 Apr 1910.

Other than those two clues I have nothing else to suggest a date.

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