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Ancestral Heads of New England: HAYNES/HAINES

BK Directory of Ancestral Heads of NE familiesToday’s serving from the Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 looks at the HAYNES family. Discovered at the Carnegie Public Library in Pittsburgh, it was compiled by Frank R. Holmes (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore) apparently published in 1923 and then reprinted in 1989. Page after page is filled with alphabetical entries of last names and then, if known, the origin of that name, and the earliest American people in New England with that name.

name origin (any foreign words are italicized)
earliest family members with that name

p. cxiii (113), HAYNES, HAINES

Derived from the Saxon word ainulpp and that from ana, alone, ulpp, help, that is, one that needs not the assistance of others. Haine, a river in Belgium. Haine, French, malicious, full of hatred; hain, German, a wood, forest, thicket, grove.

CHARLES, resident of New London, Conn., 1664.

EDMUND, was at Springfield, Mass., 1645; no male issue. .

JAMES, freeman Salem, Mass., 1637.

JOHN, b. Copford Hall, County of Essex, Eng., 1594, came to N.E., with Rev. Thomas Hooker; freeman at Cambridge, Mass., 1634, removed to Hartford, Conn., 1637; first governor of Colony of Conn.

MARK, resident of Boston, Mass., 1665.

RICHARD at Beverly, Mass., 1671.

SAMUEL, b. Eng., 1611, came from Bristol, Eng., to N.E., 1635, settled at Pemaquid, now Bristol, Maine, removed to Dover, N.H., 1640, and to Portsmouth, N.H., 1646.

THOMAS in Maine, 1658-65, removed to Amesbury, Mass., married 1667.

WALTER, linen weaver, b. Sutton, Manderfield, Wiltshire, Eng., 1583, came to Boston, Mass., 1638, removed to Watertown, Mass.; one ofthe first proprietors of Sudberry, Mass., 1639.Ancestral Heads 113




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