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Haynes Boys

The Haynes Boys

The three gentlemen in this picture are the three sons of William Truman Haynes and his wife, Carrie E. (Cleveland) Hayneshaynes-boys

from left to right is Earl, Willis, and Frank.

  • Franklin L. Haynes DOB: 24 Apr 1877 (a.k.a. “Frank”) 
  • Winfield Willis Haynes DOB: 4 Dec 1880 (a.k.a. “Willis”) 
  • Earl Truman Haynes DOB: 31 Jul 1886  

I am suggesting a date between 1905 and 1910 for 2 reasons: 

(1) Earl looks like he ought to be at least 19 years old, however

(2) Frank died 29 Apr 1910.

Other than those two clues I have nothing else to suggest a date.

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1910 Hazel Hurst Fourth Graders

PHOTO: 1910 HazelHurst School Pix

This real photo postcard belonged to my wife’s paternal grandfather, Albert Housler. Since Albert was born 2 Jul 1897, I am assuming that he is not in the fourth grade in 1910 (he would have been aged 12-13!)

I would love some help here. If you can identify any of the kids, please tell me in the comments section. THANKS!

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Earl Haynes family record

Today’s post is a handwritten list recorded by my great-grandmother, (Laura) Vivien (Meacham) Haynes.


Earl Haynes family
Earl born July 31, 1886
Vivien     Mar 17, 1889
Married Apr 16, 1910

Doris Leah      June 26, 1911
Neil Willis      Oct 25, 1913
Ethel Pauline   July 7, 1918

Roena              Apr 29, 1916
Howard           Feb 26, 1907
John                 Feb 3, 1913

Doris married June 12, 1930
Neil        ”       Aug 27, 1935
Ethel               June 16, 1937

[facing page]
Howard died Jan 27, 1969
Neil died Aug 19, 1970
David died Mar 5, 1969
Earl        Jan 20, 1974

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Laura Vivien Meacham Haynes

PHOTO: [Laura] Vivien (Meacham) Haynes 1910
Today’s tidbit is a picture of my father’s maternal grandmother. She was the other person who infected me with a love for history and our heritage. She kept a little notebook, no bigger than 2 inches wide by 3 inches high, in which she had kept a record of various family birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths. As I began to learn more about genealogy, I would “pick her brain” and she would tell me of this one and that one, what they were like, how they had met, and what they had done in their life.

That’s how I discovered that “Grandma Haynes,” who was always called “Vivien” (or “Grandma”), had actually been named “LAURA Vivien.” It seems that several generations of folks in the Meacham clan all went by their middle names. To date, I still haven’t heard the story of why.

It was in honor of her that my parents named my little sister “Laura.”

This picture is about the time when she married Grandpa Haynes (Earl Truman Haynes DOB: 31 July 1886) in 1910. I have no idea whether this was before or after the wedding.LVMeacham Haynes 1910

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Howell Children 1912


Today’s CHILD picture is a group of 4 Howell children from my wife’s ancestry.

The little boy in the front on the right was her grandfather: Grandpa Gecky. Since he was born in October of 1910, I’m guessing this picture to be 1912… perhaps Springtime(?).

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LIST: W.T. Haynes Family Dates


Today’s post is a handwritten list recorded (mostly) by my great-grandmother, (Laura) Vivien (Meacham) Haynes. Her daughter, my grandmother, added W.T. and Carrie’s wedding date and the death dates of Willis and Earl later.


                 name                                                                                   born                                                          died                           

William Truman Haynes        April 18, 1848          May 14, 1931

Carrie Cleveland     ”               May 29, 1853             Jan. 8, 1921

Franklin L.               ”                April 24, 1877          April 29, 1910

Willis Winfield       ”                Dec 4, 1880               July 17, 1960

Earl Truman            ”                July 31, 1886              Jan 20, 1974

W.T. Haynes and Carrie Cleveland married Feb. 1871.

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