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1921-1922 Kane Directory

One of the neatest things I discovered a few years back in the Kane, PA library was a series of city directories. At the time I was exploring my wife’s ancestors with the last names of BURROWS, CLARK, DIPPO, HOKE, and HOUSLER. Here are my notes on people with those last names that I discovered in the 1921-1922 Kane Directory.

The asterick (*) was used to denote a person who was absent due to war work. (World War I)

Many of the business references (emp Pl G Co) means that person worked at that business but I do NOT know what most of those abbreviations stand for.  (The example here is Plate Glass Co., but that’s all I know for these.)

“h” = home at …          “bds” = has a bed at …

Information appears in this order:

page #, last name, first name, (wife) occupation, address 

31, Clark, Chas S., (Ella S.) foreman, cutting dept, Am W G Co, h115 Clay

31, Clark, Christ, cutter, bds Hotel Lamont

31, Clark, Clyde, (Mabel), emp AmWGCo, h654 Dawson

31, Clark, Frederick S, student, bds 115 Clay

31, Clark, Leroy, (Adelias), emp Pl G Co, h120 Oak

There were sections for outlying towns that included some of the family names I was researching as well:


208, Clark, Leroy, lab


236, Clark, Marion, teacherWm., watchman

There were no entries for Burrows, Dippo, Hoke, or Housler.

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LIST: W.T. Haynes Family Dates


Today’s post is a handwritten list recorded (mostly) by my great-grandmother, (Laura) Vivien (Meacham) Haynes. Her daughter, my grandmother, added W.T. and Carrie’s wedding date and the death dates of Willis and Earl later.


                 name                                                                                   born                                                          died                           

William Truman Haynes        April 18, 1848          May 14, 1931

Carrie Cleveland     ”               May 29, 1853             Jan. 8, 1921

Franklin L.               ”                April 24, 1877          April 29, 1910

Willis Winfield       ”                Dec 4, 1880               July 17, 1960

Earl Truman            ”                July 31, 1886              Jan 20, 1974

W.T. Haynes and Carrie Cleveland married Feb. 1871.

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