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1932 Kane Directory

One of the neatest things I discovered a few years back in the Kane, PA library was a series of city directories. At the time I was exploring my wife’s ancestors with the last names of BURROWS, CLARK, DIPPO, HOKE, and HOUSLER. Here are my notes on people with those last names that I discovered in the 1932 Kane Directory.

Many of the business references (emp Pl G Co) means that person worked at that business but I do NOT know what most of those abbreviations stand for.  (The example here is Plate Glass Co., but that’s all I know for these.)

“h” = home at …          “bds” = has a bed at …

Information appears in this order:

page #, last name, first name, (wife) occupation, address 

  67-Clark, Chas L (Utica) lab, h642 Dawson

  67-Clark, Chas S (Ella), emp, Am Wind Glass Co, h115 Clay

  67-Clark, Earl, sprayer, Holgate Co., bds642 Dawson

  67-Clark, Fred L. (Mabel) salesman Miles-Kane Co, h108 Hemlock Ave.

  67-Clark, Frederick S, pharmacist, bds115 Clay

  67-Clark, Merle (Florence) leaseman, h237 Haines

  67-Clark, Thornton M. (Annie) gauger Nat’l Trans Co., h201 Birch

 There were no entries for Burrows, Dippo, Hoke, or Housler.

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Grandpa’s Second Wife (Mix/Keesler)

Today’s post is a picture of John Elmer Mix, my great-great-grandfather. He was born 150 years ago (28 Aug. 1864) and died 25 Jan. 1951. According to the note MY grandfather (John Dayton Mix) wrote on the original of this photo, it was taken in 1940. The woman with him was his second wife, Winifred (Keesler) Mix.

John’s first wife, Mary (Knapp) Mix, died in 1932. He then married Winifred on 9 December 1934 in Wellsville, Allegany County, NY.

MIX JE+Win 1940


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