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Hollywood Star: Tom Mix

In the beginning of motion pictures there was a cowboy/hero/star that made hundreds of movies, both silent and “talkies.” This movie star, TOM MIX, is actually a relative of mine…

W A Y   B A C K ! ! !related

I grew up hearing that we were related to Tom, but no one ever really knew how. My grandfather simply said “Yeah, we’re related, but not close enough to help me, nor to hurt Tom!”

When I was appointed pastor of the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in DuBois, PA, during one of the final Tom Mix Festivals, was able to trace my Tom’s lineage backward until it intersected with my own line. That’s when I created the chart at the right here.

A parishioner later showed me a picture that had been handed down in her family of Tom and his parents: Edwin Elias Mix and Elizabeth (Hiestand) Mix.

Tom was born in 1880 (6 January) and he looks like he’s in his thirties or forties in this shot. His parents died in

Tom Mix and his parents Elizabeth and Ed.

Tom Mix and his parents Elizabeth and Ed.

1927 (Ed, 29 Nov) and 1937 (Elizabeth, 25 July), so my guess is that this picture was probably in the early 1920’s.

Tom had been born in a little hollow of Mix Run, not far away from the small town of Driftwood, PA, in Cameron County. While still a child the family moved to DuBois where Ed worked as a servant for John E. DuBois.


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Earl Haynes family record

Today’s post is a handwritten list recorded by my great-grandmother, (Laura) Vivien (Meacham) Haynes.


Earl Haynes family
Earl born July 31, 1886
Vivien     Mar 17, 1889
Married Apr 16, 1910

Doris Leah      June 26, 1911
Neil Willis      Oct 25, 1913
Ethel Pauline   July 7, 1918

Roena              Apr 29, 1916
Howard           Feb 26, 1907
John                 Feb 3, 1913

Doris married June 12, 1930
Neil        ”       Aug 27, 1935
Ethel               June 16, 1937

[facing page]
Howard died Jan 27, 1969
Neil died Aug 19, 1970
David died Mar 5, 1969
Earl        Jan 20, 1974

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