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Rev. Joseph Baxter

Recently, while researching possible BAXTER ancestors, I stumbled across an entry for a Reverend Joseph Baxter from colonial New England. I’ve no idea if he will turn out to be a distant relative of mine or not, but I found him interesting enough to explore a bit.

I found him in a book I discovered a few years ago, The Colonial Clergy and Colonial Churches of New England by Frederick Lewis Weis. Published under the auspices of the Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy (1620-1776), this book was published in Lancaster, Massachusetts in 1936. Rev. Baxter appears on page 30.


According to the book’s abbreviations and notes key on page 238, this entry offers answers to these headings:

NAME: Joseph Baxter
BORN in Braintree, Massachusetts on June 4, 1676
PARENTS: Lieut. John Baxter and Hannah (White) Baxter
COLLEGE: H.C. means Harvard College, graduating in 1693.
DEGREES EARNED AT THAT COLLEGE: The A.B. and A.M. are the degrees he earned from Harvard.
—A.B. and B.A. are the same thing: this person had a Bachelor of Arts degree

—A.M. and M.A. are the same thing: this person had a Master of Arts degree.

ORDAINED: in Medfield, Massechusetts on Apr. 21, 1697

SETTLED: He ‘settled’ down to be the pastor of a church

SETTLED WHERE: He was the pastor for the Medfield, Massachusetts Congregational Church.

SETTLED WHEN: He served as pastor there from 1694-1745.


ELECTION SERMON: was in 1727

DIED: in Medfield, Massachusetts on May 2, 1745

AGE AT DEATH: 69 years old.

– – – An ELECTION SERMON, apparently, was the message the preacher gave a week or two before an upcoming election. Drawing the listeners to re-examine their own lives and repent of their own sins, before they stepped up to cast their vote on the matters of life in the colony or community.

—An ARTILLERY ELECTION SERMON, it seems, was similar, but preceeded the election of officers of the local Artillery Company. According to Harold D. Mixon, in 1967, “The purpose of the organization was to provide uniformity in drill for the officers of the various militia companies of New England.” (found in Boston’s artillery election sermons and the American revolution, by Harold D. Mixon in Speech Monographs Vol. 34 , Iss. 1, 1967. Accessed 12/31/2017 at

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Ancestral Heads of New England: AVERY

Ancestral Heads 009Today we look at the AVERY family in the Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 at the Main Campus of the Carnegie Public Library in Pittsburgh. It was compiled by Frank R. Holmes (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore) apparently published in 1923 and then reprinted in 1989. Page after page is filled with alphabetical entries of last names and then, if known, the origin of that name, and the earliest American people in New England with that name.

name origin (any foreign words are italicized)
earliest family members with that name

p. ix (9), AVERY (1st column)

From the Latin Aviarius, a bird-keeper or from Avery a grannary.

CHRISTOPHER, weaver, born in Cornwall, Eng., in 1590, came from Salisbury, Wiltshire, Eng., to Salem, Mass., in 1630. He was at Gloucester, Mass., in 1646 and removed to New London, Conn., in 1663.

JOHN was at Dorchester, Mass., in 1642, removed to Boston, Mass.

REV. JOSEPH came from Wiltshire, Eng., and was drowned,, in 1635, off Marblehead, Mass.

THOMAS, blacksmith, made freeman at Salem, Mass., in 1643, afterwards removed to Portsmouth, N.H.

WILLIAM, physician, born in Eng., in 1622, came from Berkham, Berkshire, Eng., about 1650.

BK Directory of Ancestral Heads of NE families




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