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1928 Kane Directory

One of the neatest things I discovered a few years back in the Kane, PA library was a series of city directories. At the time I was exploring my wife’s ancestors with the last names of BURROWS, CLARK, DIPPO, HOKE, and HOUSLER. Here are my notes on people with those last names that I discovered in the 1928 Kane Directory.

Many of the business references (emp Pl G Co) means that person worked at that business but I do NOT know what most of those abbreviations stand for.  (The example here is Plate Glass Co., but that’s all I know for these.)

“h” = home at …          “bds” = has a bed at …

Information appears in this order:

page #, last name, first name, (wife) occupation, address 

  75-Clark, Chas L (Utica) lease tender, h642 Dawson

  75-Clark, Chas S (Ella S.), cutting foreman, AmWGCo, h115 Clay

  75-Clark, Earl, mach opr Holgate Co., bds642 Dawson

  75-Clark, Fred L. (Mabel) salesman Miles-Kane, h223 Biddle

  75-Clark, Merl (Florence) lad ler Int W G Co, h642 Dawson

  75-Clark, Thornton N. (Annie) gauger Nat’l Tr Co., rms 333 Chase

There were sections for outlying towns that included some of the family names I was researching as well:

        [Hazel Hurst Directory]

234-Dippo, Edw (Grace) retired

234-Dippo, Jr., Edw, emp bottle co.

234-Dippo, Emon, emp bottle co.

234-Dippo, John (Martha) emp bottle co.

234-Housler, Bert, emp bottle co.

234-Housler, Chas (Clara) retired

There were no entries for Burrows or Hoke.

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1910 Hazel Hurst Fourth Graders

PHOTO: 1910 HazelHurst School Pix

This real photo postcard belonged to my wife’s paternal grandfather, Albert Housler. Since Albert was born 2 Jul 1897, I am assuming that he is not in the fourth grade in 1910 (he would have been aged 12-13!)

I would love some help here. If you can identify any of the kids, please tell me in the comments section. THANKS!

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