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BEERS, Bennetts, and Bradford

About a decade ago I helped research the Bennett family using J.H. Beers & Co.’s 1890 book:  History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, Pennsylvania. Here are the references from the McKean County section dealing with BEERS 1890 Coverthe city of Bradford. By the way, italics are my explanatory notes.

p. 63                description of oil fields in Bradford area. “Olmsted, of Tidioute, finished his well into slush oil below the old Bennett farm, on the Crooks farm, one mile north of the well on the Kennedy farm, about July, 1875.”

p. 66                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “TUNA VALLEY (producing)” were two Bennett references:

Bennett, Hale & Carll (2)

Bennett, Foster           (1)

(The first reference seems to be a geographic notation, second reference seems to be the oil “company” or partnership owning the well, the numeric reference seems to be to the number of oil wells.)

p. 67                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “TUNA VALLEY (dry)”

Bennett, unknown (1)

p. 68                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “CLARK, BABCOCK, & HULINGS TRACT”

Fitzsimmons & Bennett (2)

p. 78                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “COLE CREEK (producing)”

Bingham lot 404, Bennet & Quick (1)

Bingham lot 407, Bennett & Quick (7)

 p. 81                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “TRAM HOLLOW (producing)”

Borden, Austin & Bennett (3)

 p. 84                listing of “pioneer” oil wells prior to 1880. Under the heading of “MIX CREEK (dry)”

Annis, Brown & Bennett (1)

 p. 98                In an historical overview by Henry Hamlin in the mid 1800s, it states: “1823-24 (about), Bradford first settled by Dr. William M. Bennett, the Farrs, Scotts, Fosters and others…”

p. 104              July 4th celebration in McKean County (1828),O.R. Bennett or John E. Niles read the Declaration [of Independence]…”

p. 107              “In 1831-32, Colegrove, Bennett, and Fobes were commissioners.”

p. 113              February 1830 term of the court, Levi Bennett, was listed as the “crier.”

p. 114              January 1852, court met “with Sherriff Bennett present.”

p. 122              Election of 1844: Oshea R. Bennett (Democrat) was chosen coroner.

p. 122              Election of 1851: David R. Bennett (Democrat) was elected sherriff.

p. 157              first freight from the first train to make it to the county seat “was received by Ed. Schenk of the Bennett House.”

p. 167              overview history of the city of Bradford. “From 1823-1827, the pioneers of a new race appeared on the scene. Dr. William M. Bennett, after whom Bennett’s branch is named, the Pikes, Farrs, Scotts, Fosters, Beardsleys, Harts, Dollops and Fishers came into the beautiful wilderness.”

p. 167              BACKGROUND NOTE: Bradford wasn’t actually surveyed until 1838 and was named “Littleton.” In 1851 the first faint beginnings of settlement were starting when “a large tract” of the 250,000 acre holdings of the United States Land Company were sold to Daniel Kingsbury. In 1858 a major drive ensued by the new landowner/developer to begin building up the village and the name “Bradford” adopted. That’s when a newspaper, several churches, mercantiles, etc. really started up. In 1873, with oil starting to be a successful endeavor, finally there were enough people to move for the establishment of a borough government for Bradford. It would be 1880 before the Riddell House and seven other large brick buildings (along with 500 wood frame houses) would be built, the swamp reclaimed and new streets laid out.

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Gordon Elza Mix

Gordon Mix
Today’s genealogical tidbit is a photo of one of my paternal grandfather’s little brothers: Gordon Mix.
Son of Dayton E. Mix and Clara May (White) Mix.
Before my Grandpa Mix died in 1994, he and Grandma Mix painstakingly went through photographs and marked on each of them who was in the picture (if they knew). This one, as you can see in the scan, is marked as a graduation picture of his brother, Gordon.
Gordon was one of those that Grandpa often spoke about. He often described their antics and the fun they had. It was no wonder that “Gordon” became a beloved family name.



OBIT Gordon Elza Mix


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Four Narrowly Escape Death in Fire 1924

Today’s genealogical item is from November 1924, although I do not know which newspaper ran the stories. One of the men identified, John Mix, was my great-great grandfather.

(Clicking on the article should let you see a bigger version.)

MIX JE fire


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