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OBITUARY: Elizabeth Leona (Reid) Meacham

OBITUARY: Elizabeth Leona (Reid) Meacham

Elizabeth was my great-great grandmother.

DOB: 20 July 1867

DOD: 6 Feb. 1952

As I have collected stuff relating to genealogy and my family over the past 40 years, I have seen Grandma Meacham’s maiden name spelled as REID, READ, and REED. For this post, I have stuck with the printed version in her obituary.

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Bugler Bailey

GRAVESTONE: Lewis H. Bailey

Lewis H. Bailey’s gravestone is toward the northeastern corner of the Myrtle Cemetery in the little village of Myrtle (McKean County, PA) not far away from the town of Shinglehouse, PA on PA-Route 44.

TEXT on the stone says:


Lewis H. Bailey

Co. L

15 N.Y. Cavalry

From family sources I gathered at the time of the American Bicentennial, I have also learned a few more facts:

DOD: 28 Feb 1914, Brocton (Chautauqua County) NY

WIFE: Anna Louise Rathborne (born: in Ode Castle, Sweden),  (died: 19 Jun 1906, Brocton (Chautauqua County) NY), (buried beside Lewis in Myrtle Cemetery)

Lewis was father of Luella Consuella Bailey White (1864-1952) who would give birth to Clara May White Mix (1888-1965) (my great-grandmother).

His gravestone identifies his Civil War involvement. He was a bugler in the 15 N.Y. Cavalry, Co. L. with a rank of Private.

In the 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Lewis is identified as living in District 111 of Sharon Township in Potter County in Pennsylvania. Here are the pertinent facts listed in that census:

BALEY, Lewis. White. Male. age 43. born about 1837. He is the head of his house. Married to: BALEY, Anna. Lewis was born in New York state. His father was born in New Jersey. His mother was born in Connecticut.

Later, I discovered the 1890 Civil War Census listed him as “Louis H. Bailey” who served as a “musician.” Apparently he enlisted in the Union Army twice. First he enlisted in Co. D. 9th NY Cav. in Oct. 1861 and was discharged 9 Apr. 1862. His second enlistment began on 22 Dec. 1863 and he was assigned to the military unit identified on his gravestone. He is listed as being discharged on 9 Aug. 1865.

Many of my notes from the time I was in high school are simple records of what I learned from my grandparents and great-grandparents, so I have no citations listed. Lewis’s parents are two of those unnoted bits of information: Lewis’s father supposedly was named Barvillai B. Bailey, probably born in 1833. Mother was Mary Jane Bailey, born 1845 and died 1902. I have no maiden name for her.

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WILL: John E. Mix

Today’s post is the Last Will and Testament of John Elmer Mix (DOB: 28Dec. 1864) (DOD: 25 Jan. 1951) as found in the office of the Register of Wills at the Potter County Courthouse, Coudersport, PA).

DECEASED: John Elmer Mix

RESIDENCE: Shinglehouse, PA

WILL SIGNED: January 3, 1951

DEATH: January 25, 1951

EXECUTRIX: Lena Mix Kemp


  • Winifred Mix (wife) age 69, Shinglehouse, PA
  • Lena Mix Kemp (daughter) age 57, Shinglehouse, PA
  • Leon E. Mix (son) age 54, San Diego, CA
  • Morton E. Mix (son) age 60, Oakland, CA


  • House and outbuilding on corner lot in Shinglehouse boro, bounded by (North) Honeoye Street, (east) Bailey Avenue, (south) self, (west) Friar. Appraised at $2,500.00.
  • Barn on lot in Shinglehouse boro, bounded by (North) Honeoye Creek, (East) Ruth James, (south) Honeoye Street, (West) O. Holcomb. Appraised at $500.00.

AFTER SALE of all lands and holdings Winifred received $554.04 and each of the three children received $554.03.

DOCKET: Volume “P” (page 396);  INHERITANCE TAX BOOK: Book #2, page 78, line 25;  WILL NUMBER: 4896.

Researched by Dayton D. Mix, August 11, 1995.

For an earlier blog post about John Elmer Mix, click below:

– Four Narrowly Escape Death

– Hollywood Star: Tom Mix

– Grandpa’s Little Girl

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BEERS, Bennetts, and Potter County

About a decade ago I helped research the Bennett family using J.H. Beers & Co.’s 1890 book: History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, Pennsylvania. Here are the references from the Potter County area. By the way, italics BEERS 1890 Coverare my explanatory notes. 

p. 1014            Atlas Bennett listed as Associate Judge (1876), although he died before qualifying for the position and another was appointed in his stead by the governor.

p. 1024            A.B. Bennett was one of the chief contributors for the academic school at Lewisville in 1859 (Today’s Ulysses, PA).

p. 1038            Allen Bennett of Bingham, Civil War soldier ID’d on monolith at Coudersport.

p. 1057            D.R. Bennett listed as a resident taxpayer of Coudersport  in 1848.

p. 1089            The first post office that Mr. Stone remembers in Harrison Valley was “at Colvin’s, and Bennett, who lived there in 1849, was postmaster.”

p. 1097            E.O. Bennett, 89th NY Volunteers, a member of the Galeton G.A.R.1885.

p. 1134            W.A. Bennett one of incorporators for United Brethren Association of Millport 1886. ALSO:Rev. W.A. Bennett was secretary.”

p. 1140            Clarrissa Bennett charter member of Lewisville W.C.T.U. 1884. (Today’s Ulysses, PA) (W.C.T.U. = Women’s Christian Temperence Union… a social organization devoted to making alcohoilic beverages illegal in the United States).

p. 1141            listing of general business in Lewisville boro, c. 1880 includes:Abram Bennett” as a general merchant.


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Gravestone: Polly Orvis Mix

Today’s post is the followup to my post on May 9, 2013 which featured Elisha Mix’s gravestone.

Elisha married Polly Orvis, but I have NO information about when or where, nor do I have even a birth or death date for Polly. Elisha lived 1779-1858, so that would be about the same range of Polly’s life I suppose. I did discover that they had at least 2 children: a girl, Arte Mesia Mix, born in 1805 and a boy, Elisha Mix, born in 1810.

I have no other information about this couple at all except that they are buried side by side in the East Sharon Cemetery near Shinglehouse, PA, in Potter County.

Gravestone of Polly Orvis Mix. East Sharon Cemetery near Shonglehouse (Potter County), PA Dayton D. Mix photo

Gravestone of Polly Orvis Mix. East Sharon Cemetery near Shonglehouse (Potter County), PA
Dayton D. Mix photo




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Gravestone: Elisha Mix

STONE Elisha MixGRAVESTONE: Elisha Mix


This gravestone belongs to Elisha Mix, brother to my great-great-great-great grandfather Theophilus Mix, Jr..


Elisha was elected circa 1835 as a member of the very first set of county commissioners for Potter County, PA. His signature is on file at the Potter County Courthouse on the very first will submitted and housed at the courthouse (Will # 0001).

Gravestone Inscription:



June 25, 1858

79 years 4 mos (and) 17 days”

Known as “Captain Mix,” Elisha had served in the War of 1812. He was a lumberman by trade and one of the very earliest settlers in what is now the Shinglehouse area in Potter County.

DATE OF BIRTH: 8 February 1779 in Vermont

MARRIED: Polly Orvis

DIED: 25 June 1858

BURIED: East Sharon Cemetery, Sharon Township (outside Shinglehouse), Potter County, PA

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Letters From Ceres PA

Today, I wanted to highlight an item of interest being auctioned on most who follow my MixedGenes.

The seller has 3 handwritten letters addressed to John King (of King’s Run fame in Ceres Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania). As an historian I would LOVE to read these!

The seller (who has NOT paid me anything to highlight this, nor do I know him/her) has researched a bit into the 1840’s in the Ceres area and includes that info into the auction’s description.

As already stated all three of the letters are addressed to John King: they were written by John Keating, George Stewardson, and one from Robert Rove. The letters are dates 1842, 1845, and 1848. They address land concerns and financial transactions.

The price is already above what I can bid on, but for others studying the McKean and Potter County histories, these might be something you would find interesting. I have just one request: If you do bid on them, and win, please let me read a copy or a scan. THANKS!KING 01


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